Global Business Engineering

VIA University College
Miasto, kraj
Horsens, Denmark
Czas trwania studiów
4.5 lata
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Information managment
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0 €
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English (ENG)
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During the Global Business Engineering programme, you will attend a broad range of courses. The more general ones are going to prepare you for the world of engineering. Alongside this, you will also attend courses, that are directly related to the field of business, communication and exportation. These courses will give you a more specialised profile that makes you stand out compared to students enrolled at other engineering programmes at VIA. At all VIA’s engineering programmes, we have independently from which field you are enrolled at, a focus on sustainability, digitalisation, innovation and entrepreneurship. These are fundamental elements, which we are working with during the entire programme and it will be naturally implemented in the lessons, projects during the semesters and internships.

We offer four different profiles:

  • Global Business Development
  • Innovation Product Design
  • Information Technology & Production Management
  • Intelligent Mechanics Systems

Overall structure of programme

  • The 4½-year Bachelor of Engineering Programme consists of 9 semesters of study and a 6 months' work placement in industry.
  • Each semester comprises 15 weeks of tuition and project work and ends with a 4-week examination period.
  • All this amounts to a workload of 30 ECTS credit points per semester (900 hours of student work)
  • Engineering subjects account for approximately two thirds of the study programme.
  • Business subjects and languages make up the last third of the programme.
Wymagania rekrutacyjne
  • Wypis godzin oraz ocen – bardzo ważne jest załączenie wypisu. Szczegółowe informacje na temat sposobu wypełniania tego dokumentu oraz termin jego przesłania znajdziesz tutaj.*

Wymagania odnośnie języka angielskiego
  • Całkowity czas nauki języka angielskiego w trakcie 3 ostatnich lat nauki w szkole średniej powinien wynosić co najmniej 335 godzin (zegarowych). Wymagana ocena z tego przedmiotu to przynajmniej 3.
Ważne wymagania
  • Matematyka: Całkowity czas nauki matematyki w ciągu 3 ostatnich lat szkoły średniej powinien wynosić co najmniej 250 godzin (zegarowych).
  • Niemiecki lub Francuski lub Hiszpański: Całkowity czas nauki jednego z tych języków w ciągu 3 ostatnich lat szkoły średniej powinien wynosić co najmniej 75 godzin (zegarowych).

Primarily we find Global Business Engineers operating in the industrial market, especially in mechanical and IT related industries, all challenging and exciting jobs around the world. The attractiveness of the Global Business Engineer rests on the unique blend of science & technology and international business & language skills.

VIA Career Service Centre

VIA University College is already making a huge effort to help international students find internships and jobs in Denmark. For several years, our Career Service Centre has been offering VIA students help and guidance in searching for jobs and internships in Denmark by offering workshops on “how to write a CV”,or “how to write an application”. The Centre also organizes company dating – a campus fair where students get to meet a lot of Danish companies to hear more about career opportunities. The Career Service Centre is currently intensifying these activities in response to both the Ministry’s and VIA’s wish for international students to remain in Denmark after graduation. We will be offering graduates even more events and opportunities to meet the companies, just as the opening hours at the Career Service Centre have been extended and more seminars will be held. We want our international students to experience that access to the Danish companies and to the Danish labour market will be even easier in the future.

Attached you can find more information about some of the coming events, just as you can find more information on Facebook and on our website :

VIA Website: Career Service Centre

Facebook: Career Service Centre