Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen
Miasto, kraj
Groningen, Netherlands
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4 lata
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3143.00 EUR
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Health care appeals to you. You love working with people and you would like to mean something to them. You're a good listener, you find it easy to put yourself in other people's shoes and you have patience. Yet you also deliberately make a stand for yourself. You prefer keeping your options open and creating your own opportunities. Should you feel that all this applies to you, then Physiotherapy might be right up your street.

With a ​physiotherapy diploma, you have a broad future. In your native country as well as abroad you can start in a hospital, nursing home, rehabilitation centre or a medical day nursery. Or of course you could set up your own practice. Internationally, the Dutch training is highly regarded. More information on the degree profile can be found here.

The study programme Physiotherapy is a professional allied health programme. In order to guarantee that your knowledge meets the criteria set by the professional field, these criteria are translated into competences. Your education revolves around the development of these competences. Examples of these competences are:

  • working methodically and applying clinical-based thinking
  • providing interested parties with information on prevention
  • conducting research
  • adopting a professional attitude
  • communicating with others in your field, and with other health professionals.


Wymagania rekrutacyjne
  • Wypis godzin oraz ocen – jeśli wciąż się uczysz i dlatego nie masz jeszcze świadectwa ukończenia szkoły średniej, bardzo ważne jest załączenie wypisu. Szczegółowe informacje na temat sposobu wypełniania tego dokumentu oraz termin jego przesłania znajdziesz tutaj.
  • Świadectwo dojrzałości – w przypadku ukończenia szkoły średniej nie potrzebujesz wypisu ocen – wystarczy, że do formularza aplikacyjnego załączysz Świadectwo dojrzałości wraz ze świadectwem ukończenia liceum (bądź technikum).
Wymagania odnośnie języka angielskiego

Spełnienie wymagań w zakresie języka angielskiego można udokumentować w następujący sposób:

  • IELTS - 6.0
  • TOEFL – 80
Ważne wymagania

Koniec terminu aplikacji to 10 stycznia.

Aplikanci muszą wiąć udział w Selection Days.

Dodatkowe wymagania
  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Competency questionnaire

  • Knowledge test about education and profession

As a physiotherapist you work at the quality of life. A defective locomotor apparatus restricts people in their activities. It affects their freedom. Whether it is an old lady recovering from a hip operation, a construction worker with back complaints or a sportsman with an injury - all of them are hampered in their possibilities. In these cases, pain often plays an important part. As a physiotherapist, you have a number of techniques and instruments at your disposal to help the patients referred to you by their general practitioner and/or specialist. Sometimes you are able to remedy complaints, sometimes you may prevent them and sometimes you can assist people to manage optimally within their limitations. You assess the patients, make the physiotherapeutic diagnoses, draw up plans for treatment, attend to patients and give them information, for instance about exercises and prevention. Everything you do focuses on the human being behind the disorder.